{"event":[{"date":"2015-09-18","title":"Battlefields Tour to Belgium ","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-09-24","title":"Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition Peak District","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-09-09","title":"Autumn Term starts","time":"","text_for_date":"School re-opens to pupils today, Tuesday 8th September 2015"},{"date":"2015-09-16","title":"Trip to Edale","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-09-29","title":"Class 5 visit to Ballington Woods","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-05","title":"Class 6a morning visit to Stanley Head","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-05","title":"Staff evening Speech on Complex Learning Difficulties by Prof. Barry Carpenter OBE","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-09","title":"Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition visit to Stanley Head","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-12","title":"Class 6a morning walk to Deep Hayes Park","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-13","title":"Class 8 Bushcraft at Ballington Woods","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-22","title":"Class 5 visit to Ballington Woods","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-23","title":"Staff Inset Day","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-11-02","title":"School re-opens today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-12-18","title":"Christmas Jumper Day!","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-12-18","title":"Last day of school","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-01-04","title":"Staff Inset Day","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-01-05","title":"School re-opens","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-12","title":"Parents Meeting for the proposed Belgium Visit 5-6pm","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-22","title":"'Wear it Pink' Non-uniform day","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-22","title":"Last day of term - school closed to pupils tomorrow","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-22","title":"Last day of school for Half Term","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-10-23","title":"No school today. Return to school Monday 2 November.","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-11-19","title":"Parent/Carer Coffee Morning","time":"","text_for_date":"All parents and carers invited along to have a cuppa and chat hosted by Julie Roberts, Family Support Worker"},{"date":"2015-11-27","title":"New Vic Theatre - Robin Hood & Marian","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-12-02","title":"Forum Theatre visit","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-12-16","title":"Christmas Concert and Fayre 10am","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-12-17","title":"Class 5 visit to Ballington Woods","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-12-15","title":"School Christmas Dinner","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2015-12-18","title":"6th Form Christmas BBQ at Ballington Woods ","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-23","title":"Belgium Visit - return home on Thursday 26th May","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-26","title":"Belgium visit group return home","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-15","title":"February half term starts","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-22","title":"School re-opens today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-25","title":"Easter Holidays start today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-04-11","title":"School re-opens today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-02","title":"May Day Bank Holiday - no school today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-30","title":"May half term starts today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-06","title":"School re-opens today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-22","title":"Last day of term today. Happy Holidays!","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-01-27","title":"Class 5 Outdoor Pursuits","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-03","title":"Class 5 Outdoor Pursuits","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-02","title":"Class 8 to Ballington Woods Outdoor Activities","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-11","title":"Presentation Assembly - letters sent home to parents whose children are receiving certificates for qualifications. Refreshments to follow","time":"13:30-15:30","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-22","title":"Event in the main hall with Professor Barry Carpenter","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-23","title":"Class 8 - Bushcraft @ Ballington woods in the morning","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-24","title":"Indoor cricket competition at Fenton Manor - Mr Boult","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-02-25","title":"Parents & Carers Coffee Morning in school - Caudwell Childrens Charity also attending","time":"10:00-12:00","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-04-25","title":"Year 9 and Year 11 immunisations","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-07","title":"The Prom evening at Consall Hall","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-14","title":"Class 8 visit to Ford Green Hall","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-22","title":"Science visit to Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-23","title":"Science visit to Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-09-06","title":"School re-opens to students today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-10","title":"After school club","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-11","title":"Friendly Basketball Competition The Meadows Vs Leek High","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-14","title":"GCSE Maths Mock Exam 9.30am start","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-26","title":"GCSE Maths Exam Paper 1: 9.30am start","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-09","title":"GCSE Maths Exam Paper 2: 9.30am start","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-03-18","title":"Sports Relief Day - students are allowed to wear sportswear to school for a \u00a31 donation","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-12","title":"Parent/Carer Coffee Morning with The Dove Service","time":"10:00-12:00","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-04-21","title":"After school club starts (Drama, Art, Music)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-22","title":"DOE practice expedition overnight camp to Stanley Head (Free)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-05","title":"DOE Qualifiying Expedition to Stanley Head with overnight camping returning tomorrow at 4.30pm (\u00a330 required)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-04-26","title":"Sailabilty at Rudyard Lake (Class 6) starts for the Summer term","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-04-26","title":"Walking the Roaches and Gradbach Woods learning about Folklore and Legend (9am-3pm)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-17","title":"Walking the Roaches and Gradbach Woods learning about Folklore and Legend (9am-3pm)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-04-26","title":"Class 10 walking the Roaches and Lud's Church with Jackie Robinson (all day)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-03","title":"Class 10 to Ballington Woods with Jackie Robinson (all day)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-09","title":"Class 11 at Ballington Woods with Jackie Robinson (all day 9/5 and 10/5)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-10","title":"Class 11 at Ballington Woods with Jackie Robinson (all day 9/5 and 10/5)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-17","title":"Class 8 walking The Roaches and Lud's Church with Jackie Robinson (all day)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-05-24","title":"Class 10 to Ballington Woods with Jackie Robinson (all day)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-20","title":"DOE Group buying lunch ready for Wednesdays practice expedition (\u00a35 each cash required)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-25","title":"Churnet Challenge - 2 teams from The Meadows taking part (Weekend event)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-27","title":"DOE Group Navigation Day with Jackie Robinson (day 1 - free)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-11","title":"6th Form Summer Camp (11-13 July)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-04-20","title":"Class 5 starting Outdoor Pursuits every Wednesday until the end of Summer Term","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-28","title":"Class 9 trip to Cadburys World","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-17","title":"Class 10 to Macdonalds for lunch","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-24","title":"Science Trip to Techniquest, Wrexham","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-21","title":"Deal or No Deal competition in school \u00a31 entry in aid of the Prom Fund","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-28","title":"DOE Group Navigation Day with Jackie Robinson (day 2 - free)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-11","title":"Transition Day for September intake","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-13","title":"Transition Day for September intake","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-29","title":"Class 7 trip to Trentham Gardens","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-06-24","title":"Sponsored 1 mile fun run in school - in aid of the Prom Fund","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-01","title":"Bag pack at Sainsburys - Mr Whewell / 6th form","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-06","title":"Class 7 day trip to Southport - returning at 7pm","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-18","title":"Class 8 visit to Mundy Play Centre, Derby","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-10-21","title":"October Half Term Holiday","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-10-20","title":"No school tomorrow","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-10-31","title":"School re-opens","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-12-16","title":"Last day of term today. Happy Christmas!","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-01-04","title":"School re-opens today (Spring Term)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-02-20","title":"February Half Term Holiday","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-02-27","title":"School re-opens","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-04-07","title":"Last day of term today. Happy Easter!","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-04-24","title":"School re-opens today (Summer Term)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-05-01","title":"May Day Bank Holiday - no school today","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-05-29","title":"May Half Term Holiday","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-06-05","title":"School re-opens","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2017-07-21","title":"Last day of term today. Happy Summer Holidays!","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-22","title":"Praise Assembly for all students","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-21","title":"Special Leavers Assembly","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-07-21","title":"Sports Afternoon - whole school","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-08-25","title":"GCSE Results Day school open between 10-11am","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-11-10","title":"After school club starts (Xmas Crafts)","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-11-11","title":"Rememberance Day Service in Assembly","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-12-02","title":"Fire Service 'dangers of joyriding' special assembly","time":"","text_for_date":""},{"date":"2016-12-14","title":"Christmas Play followed by school fayre","time":"","text_for_date":""}],"news":[{"title":"Visit of HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall","content":"
Students and staff from Mrs Gardner's and Mr Harvey's classes had the thrill of greeting Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as they arrived in Stoke on Trent, at the start of a whistle stop tour of the Potteries. We were already in Hanley Museum, to watch the Mow Cop players, production of Snow White, when the show was stopped and we dashed outside to welcome the Royal visitors. It was a thrilling moment, to wave our flags to honour the future King of England. We did wonder how long Joe would be taking to the Duchess, but she managed to get away in order to chat to the seven dwarfs!
It was certainly a moment for The Meadows book of magical memories.
","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"December 1, 2017"},{"title":"Operation Christmas Child…The Shoebox Appeal","content":"
Many thanks to all who donated so generously to our request to pack a simple shoebox, which may then travel halfway around the world, to a distressed child in a war torn country or deprived situation. We collected 28 shoeboxes, which were the focus of our Assembly, where we prayed that they may be a small comfort to a child in need. Special thanks to Mrs Ivey who asked her friends in a local Football Club to help and they kindly sent in 8 boxes.
The Christmas Season starts here, as we think of others, before ourselves.
","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"December 1, 2017"},{"title":"Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day","content":"
Wednesday 13th December will be the day when we done our Christmas jumpers and Tee Shirts in aid of the Donna Louise Hospice in Trentham. Students will be collecting donations of at least \u00a31, which we will send to the Children's Hospice, in memory of Chloe Cornwall, a much loved student of The Meadows, who passed away in the care of the Donna Louise staff. Chloe and her family received excellent help and support, and we would like to remember Chloe, this Christmas.
This will be the same day that we enjoy our school Christmas Dinner, cooked by Marie and her team in the kitchen. Please be sure to book a school dinner on this day, if you usually have a packed lunch.
Christmas comes but once a year! Why not enjoy it?
","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 29, 2017"},{"title":"Children In Need …… Thank You.","content":"Students are thrilled to have raised the sum of \u00a3110 for Pudsey Bear, with the recent non uniform day and biscuit sale. Special thanks to all those who supported us. We are always grateful for the help which we receive in school, from others, and wish to pass on our good fortune by helping 'Children In Need'.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 29, 2017"},{"title":"Silver Games Mark Award Achieved for the Meadows","content":"We are delighted to announce that we, The Meadows have achieved the School Games Mark Award for the 2016/17 academic year.The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition and sport across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.Our sporting achievements this year include:Winning a table cricket competition at Watermill, participating in a school sports day and swimming gala and attending and participating in the NSSSA competitions.With our students competing in local inter-school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible.As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 15, 2017"},{"title":"Remembrance Assembly 2017","content":"
A special assembly was held on Friday 10th November to pay our respects and to honour those killed in 1914- 1918 War, 1939-1945 War and in more recent conflicts. Mrs Thomas spoke about members of her family who had served their country in the Armed Forces. Two minutes silence was held, and the significance of the red poppy explored.
Families of school students are invited to search their Family War Records, by completing a form sent home, so that a picture can be assembled for future interest. A number of staff and students will be attending their local Remembrance Day Parades in towns across the area.
'Their Names Liveth For Evermore'
","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 15, 2017"},{"title":"Half Term Holiday","content":"Half term has arrived very quickly after a very busy few weeks. A group of 26 students and 6 staff have been visiting The Black Forest in Germany, near the French border. They have toured Strasbourg, with a river cruise to admire the famous sights, including the European Parliament Building. A highlight has been a trip to the Europa theme park, near Rust. They have enjoyed the same beautiful Autumnal weather as back in the glorious Staffordshire Moorlands!
Back in Leek Mrs Thomas' class enjoyed a morning carving pumpkins in Ballington Wood, with marshmallows toasted over the campfire.
Enjoy the Half Term holiday everyone and feel the crunch of Autumn leaves beneath your feet.
","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 10, 2017"},{"title":"Duke of Edinburgh Award","content":"The Duke of Edinburgh Award goes from strength to strength at The Meadows School in Leek.On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th September, a group of six Meadows students took on the challenge of an expedition walking from school to the Stanley Head Outdoor Centre; 10 miles carrying full camping kit and travelling independently with minimal staff support, and back again!This was the culmination of a year\u2019s training for the students during which time they have practised navigation , campcraft and gaining general fitness to take on this tough challenge.The weather smiled on the group on the Thursday but Friday was a very wet and testing day which demanded plenty of determination and skill from the students. The assessor Mr Alistair Mayo noted their resilience and the quality of their teamwork. He also commented that the group was a fine example of what young people with SEN can achieve.After a tough couple of days, the group came through and all passed this expedition element of the bronze award.Great credit goes to Jackie Robinson , the D of E lead at the school and many thanks to Stanley Head for the use of their facilities. Once the members of the group have gained the other elements of the bronze award, they aim to go on to their silver award. A fab achievement!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 5, 2017"},{"title":"Raft Building Activity","content":"Class AT went to Tittesworth Reservior and worked in teams to build two rafts. The raft building activity was linked to an English project, based on the book 'Survive the Savage Sea'. The students used the experience to help with the creative writing element of this project. Both teams raced each other across the reservoir. They practised paddle skills and moving around the raft. Some enjoyed the water so much they had to jump in!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 21, 2017"},{"title":"‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’","content":"'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' John KeatsWelcome to the Autumn Term, and the return to school for many of our students, while others are joining us afresh from a variety of schools. The whole school community is looking forward to an interesting, and exciting year ahead, as we face new challenges, and build new friendships, while developing our individual potential.There have been some changes among the staff, but I am confident that everyone will quickly settle into their new roles as we all continue to support students and their families.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 14, 2017"},{"title":"Happy Summer Holidays!","content":"As the Summer Term draws to a close, I have been looking back over many of the highlights and events of both this term and the academic year. Time has gone so fast, and we have seen so many students achieve success, well beyond that which we might have expected. Some young people excelled at Outdoor Pursuits, others in Sport or Music, while many have been entered for external examinations, including GCSEs. There have been a wide range of enrichment visits and activities, many supported by local charities, to whom we extend our thanks.The pinnacle of the year for me was our 'Leaver's Prom', which was organised so successfully by Mr Harvey and a team of staff. This took place at Leek Cricket Club, with everyone wearing their best party clothes, while dancing the night away, having eaten a delicious hot buffet. It was a very proud moment as I watched staff and students have such a fun time together. Many parents commented on the inclusive nature of the whole event. CDs are available from Mr Harvey should anyone wish to purchase one, as a souvenir.On that note I would like to record my 'Sincere Thanks' to all members of staff, who work so tirelessly to support our young people and help them to achieve their dreams. I also thank all parents and carers for their continued support. 'Farewell and Good Luck' to those students leaving school this Summer; remember all you have learned at The Meadows as you go forward into adulthood, onto the next chapter of your life.Finally, let us hope for some long, sunny days of Summer Sunshine to enjoy, as we recharge our batteries over the holidays.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"July 19, 2017"},{"title":"Animal Magic !","content":"On Wednesday 28th June, we were visited in school by Charlie from 'Animal Magic'. She bought a variety of interesting and unusual animals with her including meerkats, lizards, a snake, a skunk and even a Chilean rose tarantula. All pupils in the school had the opportunity to see, hold and stroke a variety of animals with some even being brave enough hold the snake and tarantula. This was a really excellent day which was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff alike and given its popularity we hope to invite 'Animal Magic' back again in the future.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"July 18, 2017"},{"title":"Fleur visits school…","content":"Fleur, an assistance dog visited school recently, along with her owner. Students in a number of classes were thrilled to meet her and discover how she has been trained to help a disabled person with daily living tasks. Fleur is a working dog and she can help by fetching the post from the letter box, picking up items dropped on the floor, such as remote controls, mobile phones etc and helping to remove arms from the sleeves of jackets. Students in Miss Rothwell's class particularly enjoyed helping to groom Fleur, with a special brush. Fleur is rewarded with doggie treats, and surprisingly, cheese, when she carries out her tasks. Thank you to Fleur and her owner, Chloe, for visiting school.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"July 18, 2017"},{"title":"Fishing with The Star Angling Club","content":"This term all classes in school, have had the opportunity to take part in the fishing activity at Sammy's Pool, Fenton, organised by the charity, the Star Angling Club. All students enjoyed themselves enormously, with some groups becoming very competitive!Students were taught how to attach bait to the hooks, cast their lines, and how to successfully land their catch.Both staff and students would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Sonia and all the volunteer anglers for providing our students with this opportunity.Tall tales of the number and size of fish caught, took some believing!Roll on next year! Tight lines!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"July 5, 2017"},{"title":"Class MR visit Butlins at Skegness","content":"How lucky can you get? Miss Rothwell led a visit to Butlins, last week during the very best of hot, sunny Summer weather. Eleven students had the time of their lives enjoying a traditional seaside holiday, with a wide range of fun opportunities, including building sandcastles on the beach, paddling in the sea, rides on the funfair, swimming in Splash Waterworld, ice creams, fresh air and fun. Members of the public were fascinated watching the students access so many activities, and develop in self confidence as they experienced new and exciting challenges. Rumour has it, that the staff had a fab time too!The group travelled to Skegness in two mini buses, that were presented to school by The Lord Taverners, and we wish to express our sincere thanks to them again for their support. We are keen for them to know how the buses have been used to enable us to widen our educational opportunities.Wish you were here!Joan WrightHead of School","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"June 27, 2017"},{"title":"Eyam The plague village in The Peak District","content":"Over the last week pupils from classes JB, MR, NB, JH and AT visited the plague village of Eyam. On arrival the students were dropped off at the church where they heard the story of how the plague was brought to Eyam in a piece of cloth from London and they saw the tomb of Reverend Mompesson\u2019s wife Catherine who died from the plague. Mrs Ball lit a candle to honour and remember the remarkable courage and sacrifice of the villagers so that the plague could be stopped from spreading. The pupils walked through the village to the museum, passing the plague cottages, where they saw a plaque showing the name of the first plague victim George Viccars who died on 7th September 1665. He was a tailor who had warmed the cloth which contained the fleas that carried the plague in front of his fire. We then walked passed the village stocks on our way to the museum. At the museum pupils watched a video about the plague and then walked round and saw several interesting displays. One was of a dummy plague victim replica lying in bed with sores. There was also a model of a doctor with a strange beak like mask as well as some medical instruments that were used at the time. Afer a picnic lunch in the park the pupils went to see Mompesson\u2019s well where the villagers left money for food and supplies, since they had bravely decided to cut themselves off from surrounding villages, in order not to spread the plague. Some of us threw pennies into the well and made a wish before travelling back to school.This is a fascinating day out for anyone who may enjoy exploring History in our local area of the magnificent Peak District National Park.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"June 15, 2017"},{"title":"Getting Afloat on the Beatrice Narrowboat","content":"Our series of annual trips on The Beatrice got underway this week in very wet weather. This did not stop the intrepid explorers in Mrs Thomas' class cruising along on the Caldon Canal, and enjoying themselves, viewing the wonderful countryside of the Staffordshire Moorlands. Harvey, Desmond, Leah and Lewis donned wet weather gear and valiantly helped to operate thelock gates alongside the boat's crew. Other classes will be cruising later in the term, and are keepin their fingers crossed for sunnier weather. We will see!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"June 12, 2017"},{"title":"Manchester bomb attack","content":"Staff and students have today joined with other schools across the country, in holding one Minute's Silence, to honour those killed, injured and bereaved after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Our thoughts are with those schools who have been directly affected by the loss of pupils and staff. May fond memories provide some comfort to them all.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"May 26, 2017"},{"title":"Proud as punch at College Presentation!","content":"Students attending Stoke College Links had a fantastic time on Friday 5th May receiving their Awards Certificates from the (Interim) Principal, David White.The ceremony was held in the Performing Arts building on a colourful stage. A dozen students from our 6th Form gained certificates for completing courses in Hair and Beauty, Motor Vehicle Studies, Construction and Catering. Five students gained 100% attendance certificates and Ian Snape achieved the best in group for Effort and Progress receiving a trophy and certificate. Ian has been offered a place on the Level 1 Mechanical Engineering course at the College next year.Hiraani Hyland, a Stoke on Trent Music Performance student and who performs with her band, 5th Amendment in the local area sang two numbers in the interval. We wish Hiraani well as she is looking forward to going to University next year and in The Voice auditions at the College later this month.Also, thank you to the staff supporting our students from school and the tutors at the College for all they do. We all extend our good wishes and continued success to the students who work so hard and to those leaving us to continue their studies at local Colleges which as well as Stoke include Leek and Reaseheath. Have a great Summer everyone!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"May 18, 2017"},{"title":"Springtime Activities","content":"The Summer Term has got off to a great start with a range of Outdoor Activities taking place in the lovely Spring weather.Mrs Jackson's class had four mile ramble along The Tissington Trail, with a picnic lunch at Parsley Hay, while enjoying the fresh air and enjoying the wonderful countryside of The Staffordshire Moorlands. Westport Lake was a venue for another group, who explored the new Spring growth of the trees and shrubs, while watching the wildlife.Mr Harvey's class went to Coombes Valley Nature Reserve and enjoyed a nature walk, looking for particular colours in the hedgerows and undergrowth. Ms Robinson, Outdoor Pursuits teacher, led a group to Knypersley Pool to help build dams across small streams, to help reduce the speed of flow of the water.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"May 5, 2017"},{"title":"Presentation Awards Assembly","content":"The Spring Term ended on a high note with a special Presentation Assembly, which celebrated the success and achievements of our young people. Certificates were presented to a large number of students, in Key Stage 4 and the Sixth Form, by two of our school governors, Mr and Mrs John and Ann Alexander. Parents and carers looked on with pride as the hard work and effort of the students was acknowledged.Students have achieved GCSE Maths, as well as Entry Level Certificates in English, Maths, ICT, and French. Many younger students have gained Unit Awards in a wide range of subjects such as English, ICT, Geography, RE and History. Our Sixth Form students have achieved vocational qualifications in BSC Health and Safety, ABC Horticulture, BTEC Sport and Active Leisure as well as a range of ASDAN accreditations.Congratulations to everyone! Thanks were also extended to Parents and Carers for their support too. Easter themed activities have been taking place across school, with Easter Egg hunts around the building and many creative ideas involving chocolate!! The daffodils, planted by Mr Whewell and his team of gardeners look very cheerful around the school grounds. Our sincere thanks are extended to the Lions Club of Leek, for their generous donation of bulbs, last Autumn, which have bloomed so well to create a Spring like vista in the school grounds.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"April 25, 2017"},{"title":"Red Nose Day 2017","content":"7 sixth form students studying Level 1 ASDAN CoPE organised and ran a charity event in school to raise money for Red Nose Day. They organised a non-uniform day, with a red theme, alongside a cake sale and various activities on the day. They managed to raise over \u00a3200 thanks to the generosity of staff, students and parents.Everyone had a fantastic day and ate far too many cakes!The school would like to thank all parents who contributed to the cake sale and helped to raise money for such a worthwhile cause. ","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"April 3, 2017"},{"title":"Science Visit to the ‘Crime Scene House’ !","content":"On Wednesday 8th March, a group of pupils had the opportunity to visit the Crime Scene House at Staffordshire University. Once everyone had put on a special protective suit and been shown how to use the specialist equipment, it was time to investigate the crime scenes which had been set up by PHD student Janos. Working in small groups, the pupils were taken to different rooms around the house. They were first required to assess the risks in the room and produce a quick outline sketch and then it was on to the serious business of photographing, labelling and collecting the evidence just as real CSI's would do. All of the pupils really enjoyed this visit and gained a useful insight into the work of a crime scene investigator.\u2019","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 13, 2017"},{"title":"Table Cricket @ Watermill School","content":"15th February12 students took part in a table cricket competition at Watermill School. We had two teams representing The Meadows.After a hard competitive day, both teams were successful in taking 1st and 2nd positions and winning medals and certificates. This was out of 7 teams from other various schools such as Abbey Hill, Blackfriars and The Coppice.This was part of the North Staffs Special School Sports Association.We finally brought a medal home for our cabinet. However we were most proud of the victory medals around our neck, kindly provided by The Lord\u2019s Taverners. ","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 13, 2017"},{"title":"Indoor Cricket @ Fenton Manor","content":"1st March 2017Miss Chappell, Miss Prince and Miss Ball took 10 students to an indoor cricket competition at Fenton Manor.The students played Abbey Hill, Watermill and Cedars in an intense 5 games.All 10 students enjoyed the day and learnt a great deal about cricket and working as a teamUnfortunately on the day despite great efforts and fantastic cricket skills we came 4th overall. Still, as they say in all the best sports, it is not the winning but the taking part.Jack C achieved most valuable player due to scoring 5, 6\u2019s in a row and amazing the other PE teachers. Joshua P achieved \u2018Most improved player\u2019 and was nominated by the other schools for this accolade.A great day was had by all!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 13, 2017"},{"title":"Arabian Nights!","content":"Students in the High Dependency Unit had an amazing afternoon using their map reading skills to find the treasure in Ali-Baba's cave. This combined maths work covering position and direction and the term's topic work of 1001 Arabian Nights. The activities were very carefully planned and individualised which made sure that not only was it great fun but our students learned an awful lot too!!! All students dressed up as one of the forty thieves, using hats and jewels they had previously created to truly get into character.Leona was the chief thief, with Will K directing her peers through the unit using their left and right skills, which they have recently been learning. Staff used picture references of the unit to indicate where to go next with Jordan, Rio and William U. Using pupil\u2019s combined knowledge of the layout of the classrooms; the references to reading a map, and understanding of left, right, forwards backwards directions, all the students found the treasure. When the cave was found outside, Will K and Leona had to remember the key words 'Open Sesame', whilst Jordan, Rio and Will U had to choose from flash cards to find the correct key word to access the cave.The treasures consisted of boxes pupils had already created, using different materials, to look like Treasure Chests, filled with personal favourite items. Leona found a Mrs Potato Head, Will K found a Mr Potato Head, Jordan found a packet of cookies, Rio found some textured ribbons and William U found a sensory water bottle. All students were able to access the magic of this traditional literature in a meaningful way. \u2018Open Sesame\u2019 certainly released the spell!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"February 14, 2017"},{"title":"Sacred Space 2017","content":"Once again we have had the Synapse team of youth workers in school, for a whole week of activities, run in our Nurture flat, which for one week only, becomes a 'Sacred Space'.Jane, Kate and Paul explained that the theme for this year was 'Our World'. There was a jungle area where students could think about something that frightens them, a beach area where they could reflect on God's forgiveness by making a mark in the sand then washing it away, and a town where they were able to say 'Thank you' for the people they live with. There were also opportunities to taste unusual fruit. smell mystery smells and paint their portrait for our Meadows gallery, as well as our giant mosaic.Jane commented, 'This is the third time we have run a 'Sacred Space' at The Meadows and it is always a highlight of our year. The students have engaged really well with the activities, and staff have been incredibly supportive. It's a lot of work to set up and we go home covered in paint, sand and glue, but we have had a really enjoyable week. Thank you for letting us come [we hope we haven't left too much sand in the flat!]'Sincere thanks to all of the synapse Youth Team for giving of their time and talents, so generously to our school. We have some lovely photographs and wall displays as a memory. Following an Assembly reflecting the week's work, Jane, Paul and Kate were presented with a pot of daffodil bulbs grown by our Sixth Form gardening team, as a small gesture of appreciation. ","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"February 10, 2017"},{"title":"Lunch in Monty’s Caf\u00e9, Leek","content":"Mrs Thomas organised a practical Maths lesson this week, which involved her class enjoying lunch at Monty's Caf\u00e9 in Leek. Students used their Functional Maths skills to choose their own lunch from the menu, and then place their individual order.They practised counting out their cash, giving, receiving and checking change. All had a lovely meal, while consolidating their practical Maths skills, as well as their social skills.Mrs Thomas explained that everyone had an enjoyable walk into town, even though it was a bitterly cold day, with a good meal too.Students thanked the staff in Monty's for being so helpful and accommodating; most importantly they will welcome us back again any time. It is pleasing to hear that The Meadows is well thought in Leek.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"January 30, 2017"},{"title":"Snow over the Moorlands","content":"A week of excitement, as snow had been predicted, and we have our very own \u2018Weather Watcher\u2019 at The Meadows . Jack is always very keen to keep us updated on the latest news from the \u2018Met Office\u2019, and is on constant alert for any new developments. Following minute by minute weather updates is a fairly new phenomenon, and unfortunately it was accurate today, as the snow fell just at that critical time..getting ready for school time!Miss Chappell has some exciting plans for PE and Sport over the next couple of terms.A new sport has been introduced into school this week; Table Cricket. Classes CJ, AT and NB were lucky enough to try this out and will be learning how to play over the next few weeks. Classes MR and JB are having coaching from Brandon, in Free Running. Unfortunately for Brandon he arrived just in the middle of the Fire Drill! Better luck next time.A reminder that weekly swimming lessons will recommence on Thursday 19th January for students in Classes MR, JB, JH and AT. Please remember to bring swimming kit.On a calmer note Mr Harvey\u2019s class were practising their handwriting skills, with some really impressive effort. The resulting poetry was impressive. Well done.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"January 16, 2017"},{"title":"Happy New Year 2017","content":"I am starting the new term with a clean, fresh page on which to begin the New Year! No two years are ever the same and I look forward to recording lots of amazing achievements and challenges undertaken by our students, who never fail to surprise me with their enthusiasm and ability to rise to the occasion!The first outdoor trip of the year has been a visit to Biddulph Grange Country Park, for an awe inspiring walk on a beautiful frosty morning. Students completed a two mile Himalayan walk, and enjoyed a picnic in the cave! It was so cold that part of the lake was frozen! Sounds as though it was one of those wintry scenes that are often found on calendars. Clearly the students from our High Dependency Unit have set a high bar by venturing out on such a chilly morning. Well done!Joan WrightHead of School","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"January 6, 2017"},{"title":"Christmas Festivities!","content":"One of the highlights of our school year, our Christmas Concert, takes place on Wednesday 14th December at 10am. This will be followed by a Christmas Fayre. All are welcome; a chance for everyone to get in the mood for the Festive Season.We would be grateful for any donations for our various stalls, or any raffle prizes which you may have. Please send them into school or drop them off yourself, if passing. Thank you. All funds raised are used to help enhance our school curriculum and in particular enable us to keep our school vehicles on the road.On Wednesday 30th November a group of students will be visiting the 'New Victoria Theatre' at Basford to watch a production of 'The Snow Queen'.Miss Rothwell's Class will be watching 'Aladdin', at The Forum Theatre, within Hanley Museum, on Tuesday 6th December. This annual pantomime, by Mow Cop Players, always proves popular. 'Oh yes, it does!'Mr Harvey's class have organised a visit to Ten Pin Bowling at Macclesfield, on Wednesday 7th December.Rumours abound of a 6th Form Christmas Meal, at a local carvery on the last day of term too.Other plans are in progress in the various classes to make sure everyone has a memorable time. Do please join us if you can!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 28, 2016"},{"title":"Children in Need","content":"\"Mrs Wright can we do something for those children who want things?\"\"What's that Harvey?\"\"You know that yellow bear; can we come in our own clothes?\"\"Ah yes! Children in Need!\"So Harvey suggested a non-uniform day and the Sixth Form decided on a \"Bake Off\" - well not quite on the Mary Berry scale but definitely cup cakes with yellow icing!The sum of \u00a3121.85 was raised, ready to donate, to honour the memory of Sir Terry Wogan and Children in Need. I like to think Sir Terry would have laughed at \"children who want things\" - don't they all?","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 23, 2016"},{"title":"Travel Training","content":"Mr Rob Powell, SCC Travel Trainer, comes into school once a week to help our students develop their independence skills with an individually tailored programme to enable them to travel independently on buses and walking, out & about in the community. Its a super programme which helps our students develop skills for when they leave school and start to access colleges and want to visit friends and relatives. See 'Newsletters' page for a piece written by Rob Powell outlining the benefits of the programme.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 11, 2016"},{"title":"The Beatrice Charity","content":"Mr Derek Hilyer was invited into school on Friday 4th November for the presentation of a cheque, totalling \u00a3425, to The Beatrice Narrowboat. This is the total of various fund raising events which have been organised in school over the last few weeks.Miss Rothwell's class hosted our guest, and also handed over' Thank You 'cards and letters, which Mr Hilyer can pass onto the charity committee. There is a lovely photo on our Gallery page to view.Lots of students and staff have had a chance to 'Get Afloat' on our local canal this Autumn which has been a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the glories of the Staffordshire Moorlands.Thank you to all parents, carers, staff and students who contributed towards the excellent sum of \u00a3425.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 10, 2016"},{"title":"Season of Autumn & Halloween Cafe","content":"On the last afternoon of Half Term, Mrs Thomas's class hosted a Halloween Caf\u00e9 in the nurture flat to raise funds for the local charity \"The Beatrice\" Narrowboat.This was the culmination of a lot of curriculum work around the season of Autumn, encompassing studies in Design & Technology, English, Maths, Art, Science and Bushcraft.Mrs Thomas has introduced and developed some exciting Artwork by studying the artist Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural materials in the environment to make outdoor sculptures. It has been a pleasure to see this topic develop over the weeks.There was a wonderful array of Halloween themed food, drink and games, with carved pumpkins for sale and many interesting decorations. Nothing scary; just humorous! Students in Mrs Jackson's class visited Knivedon and carved Halloween lanterns from pumpkins which looked very season too.All students were involved in making, serving and \"cashing up\" as well as clearing up! The caf\u00e9 raised \u00a3110. A wonderful sum - but even more significantly a very rewarding afternoon reflecting everyone's work. Special thanks to Mrs Thomas and her team! Next stop.... Christmas, with Remembrance Day and Children In Need in between!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 21, 2016"},{"title":"World Mental Health Day","content":"The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10th October each year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of issues surrounding Mental Health and Wellbeing.As a school we aim to encourage all students and staff to have a positive attitude to their day. It is recognised that as life events happen or individual circumstances change, anyone may develop depression or go through a period (usually temporary) of mental ill health. School staff are available to talk to, as well as Phil Wileman (school nurse) and Julie Roberts (family support worker) who may be able to direct people to specialist support services.Rachel Butcher and Wendy Jackson from Staffordshire Connected Youth have been in school running a series of workshops to support a group of KS4 students to find solutions to some of the challenges faced by today's teenagers. Rachel and Wendy are welcome regular visitors to school and will be continuing to support school throughout the Autumn Term.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 20, 2016"},{"title":"Golden Wedding Donation","content":"Mr & Mrs Reg & Christine Davies of Leek celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary recently. They decided to ask their family and friends to give donations, rather than gifts, at a celebration to mark their fifty years of marriage. Donations totalling \u00a3410 were received which were divided between Springfield and The Meadows Schools. A photo can be seen on our photo gallery of the presentation of the money to Mrs Finney (Springfield) and Mrs Wright (Meadows) with a group of students from both schools. The Mayor of Leek, Ms Rebecca Done, made the presentation on behalf of Mr & Mrs Davies.Mr Davies has recently retired from his position as Governor at both schools. The 'golden couple's' grandson Ethan (aged 19) left The Meadows in July after attending both schools.Sincere thanks are extended to them both for their generous donation, but also their very significant contribution to both schools over many years. Thank you!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 17, 2016"},{"title":"Academy Status","content":"As detailed elsewhere on this website The Meadows converted to Academy Status on 1st October. The Meadows has been working collaboratively with Springfield School for a number of years. Both schools located only a short walk from each other makes this easily possible with Springfield having children from Early Years until Key Stage 2, most of whom then move onto The Meadows and remain through Key Stages 3,4 and Sixth Form. Some students transfer onto other schools and transfer from other schools in North Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent and Cheshire East, therefore our schools are not mutually exclusive. This situation has now been formally recognised in the partnership of Springfield and The Meadows within The Manor Hall Trust Academy.Mrs Diane Finney (Head of School at Springfield) and Mrs Joan Wright (Head of School at The Meadows) are confident that this will be an advantage to all - students, parents, families and staff. The coming together of practical resources, professional expertise and support will be a very positive move forward for all - as we seek to further our sense of the school as a \u201c community\u201d supporting those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. To quote Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher (384BC \u2013 323BC) \u201cThe whole is greater than the sum of its parts\u201d Let us endeavour together to prove him correct! ","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 10, 2016"},{"title":"The Beatrice Barge","content":"A season of Autumnal cruises along the Caldon Canal has begun with Mrs Ball, Mrs Butler, Mr Harvey, Miss Rothwell and Mrs Thomas classes all afloat on the narrowboat \"Beatrice\". This is offered to us by the local charity who own and skipper the boat - all generously manned by volunteers.Everyone looks forward to a chance to operate one or more of the locks as the boat glides along the canal - often towards \"The Hollybush\" at Denford. The gentle progress of the Beatrice through the water gives an ideal opportunity to enjoy the changing colours of Autumn and spot wildlife.The Beatrice Charity is truly 'local' to the Staffordshire Moorlands and helps us all to appreciate the beauty of our countryside, so nearby, we often overlook it! Any donations to The Beatrice will be greatly appreciated!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 26, 2016"},{"title":"A good start to the new term…","content":"The term has started very well with all new students settling into school and existing students adapting to their new class groups. Teachers, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Thomas, together with James Gray, teaching assistant, have been welcomed into school. There have been some changes in the office, and Miss Rachel Gaulton is now the Office Manager. Please bear with us as everyone settles into their new roles, but do contact school in the usual way - by telephone call to the office or a note to the new class teacher.I am delighted to report that those students who entered GCSE examinations over the Summer achieved results of which they can be proud. 'Sincere Congratulations' both to them and their families for the continuing support.The beautiful weather has enabled the Sixth Form gardening group to harvest their runner beans and tomatoes. They are still basking in the glory of Summer Success at the Leek Gardener and Allotment Association Show - winning special recognition for a Scarecrow called \"Tim Leek\" and second prize for the Sixth Form terrace garden. Mrs Christine Copeland and Ms Barbara Syrett have played a key part in enabling wooden planters, wheelbarrows and containers (made at Leek College by our students) to be filled with such a colourful floral display. Well done everyone!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 19, 2016"},{"title":"Stanley Head Residential July 2016","content":"This week, fifteen 6th form students visited Stanley Head for a three day, end of year outdoor pursuits residential. The group walked to the Centre via Deep Hayes in testing wet conditions but once there, enjoyed luxury dormitory accommodation and lovely meals. They tried canoeing and raft building on the second day and crate stacking and a low ropes obstacle course on the third day. It was a lovely trip and a happy last hurrah for the students many of whom will be leaving us the end of this year. Well done all - a golden memory and a happy end !","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"July 15, 2016"},{"title":"Summer Fun","content":"Though the weather has not really been as hot and sunny as we would have hoped, it has not stopped our Outdoor Activities over the last few days. Mr Boult took a group of Class 9 students fishing at Sammies Pool, near Fenton, thanks to the Star Angling Club - a local charity. As usual there were 'fishing stories' about the enormous 'whoppers' that were caught. 'Tight lines' and thanks to all the volunteers who assist.Class 6 were spotted on Blackpool Pier enjoying a stroll, before lunch in a local hostelry. The bracing ozone air at Blackpool must have helped them to work up an appetite!Class 7 on the other hand were seen eating a picnic lunch on the sand at Southport. They built sandcastles on the beach, had a ride on a carousel, followed by an ice cream and all came home clutching a stick of rock. Rumour has it that they ate Fish 'n' Chips - well what day at the seaside is complete without them? A thoroughly traditional British seaside day out!Nine Sixth Form students went on Duke of Edinburgh bronze level expedition this week. After more than a year of training and practice, they passed with flying colours and impressed assessor Frank Walters with their teamwork and skill, which he said was comparable or better than many \"mainstream \" candidates. They walked to and from Stanley Head Outdoor Centre in Endon , carrying full packs and being entirely self sufficient for two days. Two of the expedition members, David and Callum are following the Gold Award and used the expedition to act as volunteer helpers as part of their volunteering section at Gold Level. Everybody involved was very impressive; hiking and navigating through the hills and dales of SW Leek, camping and cooking for themselves over the two days - no mean feat! Well done to all - you are fantastic! Mrs Wright would like to add a special 'Thank you' to the three volunteers who accompanied them, Frank and Vicky Walters and Helene Stubbs, as well as Mr Whewell and Jackie Robinson for all their hard work.Photographs of all activities can be viewed on the Gallery page!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"July 7, 2016"},{"title":"School Prom Fundraising","content":"Tonight is our School Prom Evening at Consall Hall.... Recent fundraising in aid of the Prom - Deal or No Deal game raised \u00a353.75 and the sponsored Fun Run in school raised \u00a3364.80! Thank you so much for your generosity in helping our young people have what will hopefully be a fantastic evening for all involved!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"July 7, 2016"},{"title":"Techniquest Science Trip","content":"On Friday 23th June, some pupils from Class 10 and Class 8 had the opportunity to visit Techniquest Glyndwr, a science activity centre in Wrexham. There were lots of hands-on activities to try which were lots of fun but also got the pupils asking 'how?' and 'why?'. Particular favourites were the wall which captured shadows and the mirror maze which resulted in a few bumped noses. There was also a science show based around sound and light which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Mr Harvey - Science Teacher","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"June 28, 2016"},{"title":"Living it up at The Rudyard Hotel","content":"On Wednesday 15th June, Miss Rothwell and everyone in Class 7 spent an exciting day at Rudyard Lake. The explored the countryside and the railway station before heading off to a Carvery Lunch at The Rudyard Hotel. They enjoyed a roast dinner with a variety of fresh vegetables (Mrs Williamson was really impressed!) and plenty of delicious gravy. Mrs Ivey commented on the excellent social skills and good manners of the group, both in the hotel and outside in the leisure area. Later the group tested out the adventure playground and managed to successfully dodge the rain shower! There are some lovely photos of the day on the gallery page.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"June 17, 2016"},{"title":"Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations","content":"On Friday 10th June, The Meadows became a sea of red, white and blue as we all wore these patriotic colours in honour of Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday. Many classes made bunting which was hung across the corridors and William in Class 11 organised a party game called 'pin the crown on the Queen' which was a great success. Thank you Will. Class 10 hosted a caf\u00e9 style party with beautifully laid tables and waitress service for drinks. The tables were covered in cloths, plates, cups and serviettes printed with the Union Jack flag which looked very festive. Cakes, biscuits and drinks were generously provided with help from some of our parents and students. Particular thanks to Harvey in Class 8 for a wonderful celebration cake adorned with red, white and blue icing and flags. Mrs Ball and Mr Pritchard led us all in the National Anthem ending up a fine day of celebrations in which we wished Her Majesty a very Happy 90th Birthday from The Meadows School.Thanks again to Morrisons supermarket of Leek for their generous donations of tableware and cakes. Helen Heath, one of their staff, is always very supportive of any of our projects.Well done everyone; a great time & effort!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"June 13, 2016"},{"title":"Presentation by Leek Lions Club","content":"Linda and a group of friends from The Lions Club of Leek visited school on Wednesday 8th June to present a very generous gift of two wooden garden seats and a wooden planter to pupils in Class 7. The planter and benches have actually been made by our Sixth Form students at Leek College as part of the Honeycomb Project where they make wooden garden furniture. Leek Lions Club kindly sponsored the purchase of these items and added a commemorative plaque. Our thanks to them for supporting our school once again. Let us hope for some continued good weather when we can all enjoy sitting outside!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"June 8, 2016"},{"title":"Kniveden Open Day","content":"On Friday 20th May, Kniveden Gardens held an open day and kindly invited The Meadows School to run a stall, selling hanging baskets, plants and planters. After a rainy start, the day turned out fine and most of the School went up to visit, enjoying the stalls and having picnics. We have made \u00a3110 ( so far ) in sales to go towards the horticulture facilities at school so thanks to all for their generosity and supportDavid Whewell","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"May 27, 2016"},{"title":"Summer term news….","content":"The last week of this Half Term has been very busy with a diverse range of activities taking place across all Key Stages of school.Twenty four students have been to Belgium for four days staying in the historic town of Ypres, known for its significance in World War One. They have visited Bruges and Boulogne and most importantly sampled the Belgian chocolates, ice cream and frites with mayonnaise! Further details and photos to follow.Class 10 had a visit to Ballington Wood where they had a Bushcraft adventure, which included building a campfire and toasting marshmallows. Mrs Wright knew they had returned to school as she followed the smell of smoke along the corridor; only to discover it was emanating from their clothes. Class 5 went out to Macclesfield Forest with Moorland Adventure and had an enjoyable day. Some lucky folk from Classes 12 and 6 spent a blissful morning in the sunshine sailing on Rudyard Lake - photos are on the website.A small group of Year 11 and Sixth Form students have sat GCSE ICT and Maths exams - we await the results in the Summer!Mr Whewell and his team of Horticulturists continued with their gardening activities; it may be that they will be showing their skills at the Chelsea Flower Show next year! Who knows?Let us hope for some lovely weather next week so that everyone can recharge their batteries as they enjoy a well deserved Half Term holiday!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"May 27, 2016"},{"title":"6th Form News Blog","content":"Are we nearly there yet? Yes we are\u2026but we won\u2019t stop! Our travel training programme has been rolling along nicely to help students gain confidence when out and about in the community. Mr Whewell\u2019s group have been \u201corienteering\u201d in Leek, finding their way to historic places and places of interest. Mr Pritchard\u2019s group and group 4 are focussing on staying safe and following \u201cBeware, Be Safe\u201d and \u201cThink Twice\u201d when out and about.Mr Powell from Staffordshire County Council has been training individual students to use bus routes and safe routes to school and college. We are pleased to say Matthew has gained his certificate and is able to travel from home to College and return independently on College Link days and in readiness for his full time course at Stoke College, Burslem in September.College Link courses at Stoke College and Leek College have been really successful this year providing students with opportunities to gain qualifications, learning skills, as well as independence skills in a learning and work related environment.Six students have gained certificates for their two week work experience placements at Morrison\u2019s supermarket and a further six students were involved in a bag pack there to raise funds for charity. Well done and thanks to Morrisons for the valuable opportunities.Well done everyone, staff and students. We wish all our Summer leavers well with their new placements in September.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"May 11, 2016"},{"title":"Half Term Dates","content":"Half Term Week is just round the corner - please note that school will be closed for one week commencing Monday 30th May. We reopen on Monday 6th June. Thank you.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"May 10, 2016"},{"title":"Stoke on Trent College – School Links Award Day 2016","content":"The Meadows triumphed at Burslem Campus this week when a Special Awards Ceremony recognised the achievements of a large group of our Sixth Formers.Matthew (see photo on Gallery page) was awarded a trophy for \"Effort & Progress \" in the Motor Vehicle Maintenance Class. Chloe received the same award in Hairdressing & Beauty. A great achievement for two hard working students. The \"Outstanding Group of the Year 2015\" was announced as being..... (long pause)..... The Meadows Hairdressing & Beauty Tuesday Group which includes Sophie and Leah. All students received Certificates of Achievement for the courses in either Construction, Motor Vehicle Maintenance or Hair & Beauty. 7 students achieved 100% attendance certificates and a \u00a35 gift voucher in recognition.Mrs Thirlaway and all the Sixth Form staff returned to school absolutely buzzing with pride and joy at the successes of our students, both at a personal level and in representing The Meadows School so highly across Stoke on Trent College.Mrs Wright personally thanked all staff and students in a special assembly back in school - congratulating them all on their individual achievements, but also as ambassadors for the school. This bodes really well for life after school and the wider world beyond The Meadows. Some of our students will be moving to Stoke on Trent College on full time courses in September. Congratulations to each and every one of you!!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"April 29, 2016"},{"title":"Grant from ASDAN","content":"Thanks to the efforts of Yvonne Thirlaway, our Sixth Form Leader, we are delighted to have received a \u00a31000 grant from ASDAN. This funding will be used by our Horticulture Department and will allow them to develop raised beds, add a polytunnel, create composting areas and lay gravel and bark chip paths at the Crescent Road (Leek) Allotments. David Whewell, Horticulture Leader, and his team of budding gardeners will start work soon and we look forward to keeping you up to date with their progress! A big thank you to ASDAN for supporting The Meadows School.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"April 29, 2016"},{"title":"Spring time outdoor activities","content":"Jackie Robinson, Outdoor Education teacher, has had an innovative few weeks helping to bring \"The Gruffalo\" story to life for Class 5 students, as well as cooking camp fire lunches with a number of different classes. Ethan in Class 8 seems to be getting on \"like a house on fire\" at starting his campfire. It could be a long wait for the sausages though! There are some wonderful photos of our 6th Form students. One group are having a well deserved rest on the top of Mam Tor having reached the Trig Point. They certainly look victorious! Emily shows the way forward with an exhibition of rock climbing that wouldn't look out of place on \"Countryfile\" Well done Emily! The students on The Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition certainly seem to be enjoying themselves! (See photos of all activities on the Gallery page)","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"April 25, 2016"},{"title":"Cheery Daffodils mark the new Summer Term","content":"The new Summer Term has got off to a good start this week with a beautiful display of daffodils in the school grounds, which demonstrate the hard work of Mr Whewell and his 6th Form team of Horticulturalists. Thank you to them for making us all feel cheerful!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"April 18, 2016"},{"title":"Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers","content":"Just a reminder that we are still collecting the Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers. Please remember us when doing your shopping over the Easter holidays and send any saved vouchers into school with your child when we return in the Summer Term. Thank you!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 23, 2016"},{"title":"Easter Bunny visit!","content":"We have received a very special visit this week from the Easter Bunny with a generous gift of chocolate Easter Eggs for all our students. These came with help from Kate and Natalie at the Coop Insurance in Manchester - this is a continuation of a former connection with employees of Britannia Building Society, Leek. Special thanks are extended to Kate and Natalie for their on going support. \" Lets get cracking, everyone!\"","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 23, 2016"},{"title":"Sport Relief Fundraising","content":"We raised a fantastic \u00a3174.41 in school for Sport Relief last Friday. Thank you everyone for the contributions.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 23, 2016"},{"title":"Sport Relief – Friday 18th March","content":"This Friday is Sports Relief Day and students are able to come into school dressed in sports wear for a \u00a31 donation. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible supporting this good cause!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 17, 2016"},{"title":"British Science Week","content":"This week has been British Science Week so the students at The Meadows have had lots of opportunities to take part in practical experiments. They have learned about catalysts, chemical reactions and density amongst other things. They have also been reminded of the need to work carefully and observe closely what is going on when doing science. Experiments have included:-Making 'elephants toothpaste' with hydrogen peroxide solution, washing up liquid and yeastMaking a 'density column' of different liquids in a graduated cylinderObserving the effect of washing up liquid on food colouring and milkMaking a lava lamp out of oil, coloured water and salt. ","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 17, 2016"},{"title":"Ford Green Hall visit","content":"On Monday 14th March, Class 8 visited Ford Green Hall in Smallthorne. It is the oldest Tudor building in Stoke on Trent. The students were studying the difference between the lifestyles of rich and poor people in medieval England. The day began with a tour of the hall and then there was an opportunity to examine a selection of artefacts used by the wealthy and the peasants. Students particularly enjoyed dressing up in the costumes which reflected the various status of the classes in Tudor Times. Medieval punishments were discussed with a highlight being Ethan held in the wooden stocks while being pelted with vegetables (Foam, not real!) by his classmates. Class 8 enjoyed learning about the colloquialisms that the Tudors used including:-\"Burning the candle at both ends\"\"Turning the tables\"\"Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite\"Photos are on the gallery.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 17, 2016"},{"title":"Guide dogs for the blind visit","content":"On Monday 14th March, Class 11 had a visit from Eddie, a black Labrador guide dog, who was accompanied by his owner Tony. Please see 'Newsletters' for an article and photo.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 17, 2016"},{"title":"World Book Day","content":"To celebrate World Book Day classes 7 & 8 visited bookshops in Leek. With the help of vouchers provided and a small extra amount of money, students were able to choose a book of their own interest to take home. Class 6 had a visit to WH Smiths in Hanley and received a generous donation of surplus books for us to use in school and to sell for school funds. Our sincere thanks to them for their continuing support.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 8, 2016"},{"title":"Sports Tournaments","content":"The last two Wednesday's have seen a group of students travelling to Fenton Manor to take part in an Indoor Cricket Tournament and an Indoor Football Tournament. Please see the Information - Newsletters Page to see how they got on!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 4, 2016"},{"title":"‘Lions Club’ Beachparty at Waterworld","content":"Making A Splash!Over 20 lucky students and some very fortunate staff were invited to an indoor 'Beach Party' at Waterworld, Festival Park on Tuesday 1st March. This has become an annual event which is eagerly anticipated. We are indebted to our local Lions Club who organise and sponsor this special day every year. The Lions Club is made up of local volunteers who raise funds throughout the year to enable those youngsters with Special Needs to make special memories. Inside information revealed to me that both staff and students were seen on the Rainbow Water Slides, in the rapids, swinging on the lily pad - with certain people relaxing in the Jacuzzi!Everyone received a gift of an Easter Egg as they left the event. Thanks to the Lions Club once again for an enjoyable, indoor, tropical, aqua park experience! Splashing!!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"March 3, 2016"},{"title":"Presentation Assembly","content":"One of the highlights of the school year took place just before the half term break on Thursday 11th February with our Annual Presentation Assembly. Our special guest this year was Mr Andrew Shaw, Executive Head of the Leek Federation of Schools, who presented certificates to more than forty students. These included pupils from Year 10 and above - with certificates reflecting AQA Unit Awards and Entry Level Certificates. Sixth Form students gained AQA Functional Skills as well as other certificates for work related learning. Particular congratulations must go to Callum and David who received their Bronze Level in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. George also gained a section of his Bronze Award for completing the physical section - with a sustained period of dog walking. George has developed his physical stamina and improved his 'dog handling skills' over a period of 3 months. Well done George - a great achievement!Mr Boult, Mrs Thirlaway and Mrs Wright were all very pleased to be able to see such a level of personal achievement reflected in the certificates presented by Mr Shaw. However, the faces of the parents, carers, families and students said it all. They were simply \"beaming with pride\"!   ","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"February 22, 2016"},{"title":"Synapse Youth Team 8th – 12th February","content":"The Synapse Youth Workers have been in school this week, running a week's activities known as 'Sacred Space'. They set up a learning environment, unlike a classroom, with a diverse range of creative and sensory activities to the theme of Animals and Creation. This enables students to focus on celebrating the esoteric and spiritual side of life with a chance to reflect. This forms a part of our enrichment curriculum to help us all develop a sense of wellbeing and resilience at whatever level is appropriate to our individual need.We are all grateful to them for adding another dimension to our school life. Thank you Paul, Cate and Jane.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"February 10, 2016"},{"title":"The Appliance of Science","content":"On Tuesday 26th January Mr Harvey, our science teacher, organised a visit from Sublime Science. The knowledgeable presenter, Aurora, brought with her a wide range of experiments which the pupils thoroughly enjoyed watching and taking part in. Highlights included bouncing smoke bubbles, a plasma ball, a tornado in a bottle and home-made slime. Everyone learned a lot as well as having a good time, especially when in competition with each other!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"January 28, 2016"},{"title":"Moorlands Radio Interview","content":"A group of four Sixth Form students were invited to be interviewed live on Moorlands Radio by Matt Hill, Breakfast DJ. The hot topic of the day was the \"Grow Moorlands\" project - explaining what it can offer to the community and what purpose it serves for our students.Callum, David, Matthew & Daniel described what they had done with the project, what they liked about it and how it will help them with their future job prospects. Matt Hill mentioned that after their proposed move to new studios at the new Leek Fire Station, Meadows students would be very welcome to practice their speaking and listening skills, via the medium of DJing.David Whewell, our Sixth Form tutor, and Atiqur Rahman from Grow Moorlands were also interviewed and reportedly thoroughly enjoyed the experience!Photographs are on the Gallery section of the website.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"January 22, 2016"},{"title":"Outdoor Pursuits","content":"The first wintry, snowy weather of the year coincided with the start of an Outdoor Pursuits programme for Class 5 with a visit to The Roaches, led by Moorlands Adventure staff. Students enjoyed being out in the snow and watching it melt in the bright winter sunshine, while scrambling over the rocks and walking in the fresh, cold air. Over the next few weeks both students and staff will be getting some exercise while having new experiences and sensations in the 'great outdoors'. Can there be a better outdoor classroom than that offered by the wonderful landscape of the Staffordshire Moorlands?","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"January 15, 2016"},{"title":"Happy New Year 2016!","content":"Firstly, a very happy new year to you all!The end of the last term was very busy with the Christmas celebrations, and we would like to like to say thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas activities in any way. The Christmas fayre raised a fantastic \u00a31000 for school funds and the Christmas jumper day raised a further \u00a3100 which we have donated to the national charity Save The Children and a local charity Arch. Thanks to all parents, carers and families who kindly sent Christmas 'goodies' into school for classes to share and for all your good wishes - but now we look forward to a new school year.All students and staff have settled back into work with a purposeful attitude this week, which is an excellent start to the Spring Term.Mr Marcus Grundy, school nurse, has left to further his career in another direction of the Health Service and from Monday 11th January we are very pleased to welcome back Mr Phil Wileman as our school nurse, who will be working with both our school and Springfield. Phil will be a familiar face to many already.Unfortunately, the Horticulture Project, run as part of our Sixth Form course, suffered from vandalism during the holidays, with damage to the polytunnel and shed. This is disheartening for Mr Whewell and his team, and the school as a whole, though the police have visited the site and are following up their enquiries. On a brighter note \"Grow Moorlands\" together with our young horticulturists is offering to help local residents clean up their gardens this Winter for a small charge. With a motto of 'Planting seeds to help you grow' Grow Moorlands is a social enterprise which aims to engage and develop young people and young adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues. The enterprise, which is being run from Leek, is about providing training and development opportunities, accredited qualifications, work experience, independent living support and volunteer opportunities.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"January 8, 2016"},{"title":"Donna Louise Hospice “Light up the Gardens”","content":"\"Light up the Gardens\" ..... A Christmas Celebration for the Donna Louise Hospice.Sunday 20th December 2015 - Trentham Gardens - Tickets available on-lineStudents have been decorating glass jars with festive scenes which will then hold candles to be used at the above event at Trentham Gardens. Mr Harvey and Mrs Hallam assisted in creating some wonderful examples of creative art with a number of classes throughout school. Guests from the Donna Louise Hospice came to collect the items and awarded a prize of two free tickets to Bradley of Class 10. A lovely photograph of Class 6 pupil, John, presenting the decorated jars appeared in The Sentinel newspaper.We are particularly keen to support the work of the Donna Louise charity, as very sadly Chloe, one of our pupils, passed away in their devoted care in the Summer of 2014.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"December 14, 2015"},{"title":"Dick Whittington at the Forum Theatre","content":"Wednesday 2nd December saw Class 7 setting off to the Forum Theatre in Hanley Museum to see the annual pantomime \"Dick Whittington\" put on by The Mow Cop Players.Everyone enjoyed the usual panto fun of \"he's behind you!\" with plenty of clapping and cheering. Apparently there was a very naughty monkey who kept stealing the cakes whilst Dick Whittington slept - all found to be very amusing! Miss Rothwell reported that even some of the normally reticent students were enthusiastically joining in with the repartee! A good time was had by all.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"December 7, 2015"},{"title":"Christmas Dinner","content":"The school Christmas Dinner will on Tuesday 15th December - letters have been sent home to those children who normally bring a packed lunch into school. Please note this will be the only option available on this day. Please return the reply slip if you wish your child to have a Christmas Dinner.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 30, 2015"},{"title":"Christmas Concert and Fayre","content":"Make a note of the date! Our Christmas Concert and Fayre will take place on Wednesday 16th December with the concert starting at 10am followed by the fayre immediately afterwards. Any donations such as raffle prizes, bric-a-brac, or cakes (sent in on the day) would be gratefully received. You should have received a letter about this at the end of last week. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible then!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 30, 2015"},{"title":"Robin Hood and Marian Theatre Visit","content":"On Friday 27th November a coach load of students and staff went to The New Vic Theatre in Basford to watch their seasonal production which this year is Robin Hood and Marian. Apparently they chose this story to honour the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, which is this year. Everyone enjoyed the performance, with the special effects, well choreographed sword fights and archery displays. A visit to the New Vic is an annual event which always heralds the start of the festive season for us.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 30, 2015"},{"title":"Synapse puppet team","content":"The Synapse youth workers visited school recently and led an assembly with their puppet team which was, as usual, enjoyed by all. We were delighted to learn that they have recently been shortlisted for the Inspire Magazine Award and then invited to have afternoon tea in the Houses of Parliament. This nomination is in recognition of their work across many of the schools in Leek. Paul Sherwin, Cate Hall and Jane Watson, who are all practising Christians, are members of the Synapse project which is supported and funded by the churches in Leek. The three of them explained that \"we do work because we enjoy working with young people - we do all the fun bits\"Mrs Wright congratulated Paul, Cate and Jane and wished them an enjoyable day in Westminster.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 26, 2015"},{"title":"Shoebox Appeal for Operation Christmas Child","content":"A huge \"THANK YOU\" to everyone who so generously donated either a completed shoe box or items towards one. Several classes had fun in school purchasing and packing their gifts. 25 Christmas shoe boxes were taken to the collection point, ready to be shipped abroad to those children who so desperately need a small gift to show that someone cares - with a few small items to call their own! \"A small shoe box can have a big impact\". ","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 16, 2015"},{"title":"Children In Need","content":"On Friday 13th November, Emily in Class 11 (with help from Mrs Williams in the office) organised a non-uniform day. Total collected currently stands at \u00a3110. Pudsey says \"Well done everyone!\"","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 16, 2015"},{"title":"Armistice Day “Lest we Forget”","content":"Students from Leek High and Springfield School joined our school together with members of local branches of The Royal British Legion who led us all in a very special Act of Remembrance. A bugler played The Last Post and The Reveille. Rev Richard Pope read a short poem and led us all in prayer. Our guest of honour was the Leek Town Mayor, Mr Ben Emery. Students released 50 red balloons; attached to each one was a special label naming a local soldier listed on The Monument in Leek, with his date of death and a brief detail about him. On the reverse of the label was given details of our school website in the hope that anyone finding one might contact school.It was a moving and poignant moment as the balloons floated away from Leek and ensured that those who gave their lives are not forgotten, but remembered with honour: someone's loved ones who never returned to Leek.\"Their names liveth for evermore\"","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 12, 2015"},{"title":"Remembrance Day Parade, Leek","content":"To keep the balance even with local football clubs - Jack and Brandon laid a wreath on behalf of Leek Town FC at the \"monument\" in Leek on Sunday 8th November, accompanied by Mr Andrew Reeves. Mrs Wright pointed out that there are at least 33 footballers who gave their lives for their country and whose bodies were never found, listed among \"The Missing\" on the Thiepval War Memorial.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 9, 2015"},{"title":"Stoke City v Chelsea","content":"On Saturday 7th November, Mrs Ball, Jack Hickman and Brandon Lucking were guests of Stoke City FC at their \"Remembrance Weekend\" match against Chelsea. They received complimentary tickets and were featured in the Match Day Programme remembering Lance Corporal Leigh Richmond Roose, a former SCFC goalkeeper. Photographs of Jack and Brandon at The Thiepval Memorial laying a pennant kindly donated by the football club were included along with details of Leigh Roose's illustrious career before his premature death at 38 in 1916. Mrs Ball was especially pleased with the result - 1 - 0 to Stoke!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 9, 2015"},{"title":"The Legacy 110 Project invite The Meadows to Westminster","content":"The second half of the Autumn Term got off to a great start with an invitation on the 5th November to the House of Lords, for Jack Hickman, Brandon Lucking, Mrs Jane Ball and myself. The prestigious event was hosted by Lord Beecham to showcase the Legacy 110 Project which is a part of The First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme. Four schools from across the country were chosen to explain their project to an invited audience. The Meadows School was chosen and our MP Karen Bradley attended to offer her support. Details of our World War I research can be viewed on this website under the heading \"Legacy 110\". Our powerpoint presentation and interpretation is named \" Roll of Honour\".We were welcomed into the River Room, overlooking the River Thames, Westminster Bridge and The London Eye; a luxurious and privileged position from which to highlight the excellent practice which this demonstrates, that is a part of The Meadows culture and community.Jack and Brandon were highly praised for their work in researching the lives of local Leek Servicemen who paid the ultimate price in laying down their lives for their country, and for honouring them at the Menin Gate Ceremony and various Battlefields and Cemeteries around Ypres (Belgium) and The Somme (France). They also celebrated the lives of two local footballers who gave their lives for our freedom - Leigh Richmond Roose (Stoke City FC Goalkeeper and Welsh International) and Joseph Arthur Hulme - known as Sammy (Leek Alexandra trainer). Jack and Brandon were presented with the prize of a commemorative book, a certificate and a badge. Karen Bradley arranged for us to have the opportunity to visit the House of Commons, while a debate was in progress. We also toured part of the Houses of Parliament - noting the Minton floor tiles which are being restored in the members lobby. It was a memorable opportunity for us all, and an honour to represent The Meadows. Mrs Ball commented that she felt that this was \"the highlight of my teaching career!\"","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"November 9, 2015"},{"title":"Wear It Pink","content":"Thursday 22 October saw The Meadows turn from its usual blue colour scheme to a sea of pink as we raised funds for a local cancer charity. Amongst the 'pinkness' was a pink raffle, cakes with pink icing, pink hair, pink nail varnish, and Mr Best was able to express his feminine side with a pink tie!So far we have raised over \u00a3360 which we are going to donate to the Fresh Hair Wig Salon which is part of the University Hospital of North Midlands (Stoke) Cancer Centre. They provide professional wigs for those undergoing Cancer treatments and helps to support patients emotional wellbeing. Though it is based at the hospital, it is funded by charitable donations having been set up by former patients and their families. We chose this particular charity as a former member of The Meadows School community received support from the salon. Thank you to everyone for their support!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 23, 2015"},{"title":"Harvest Collection","content":"Today, Class 7 have taken our \"Harvest Gifts\" to Trinity Church in Leek to donate to the Food Bank. They were able to enjoy a drink in the Coffee Morning while there. Mrs Ivey wishes to thank everyone for their generous support in giving groceries that can be distributed to those in Leek over the coming winter months.Mr Harvey led us in a Harvest Celebration Assembly when everyone was asked to reflect on the idea that\"You reap, what you sow; You get out, what you put in\"He showed some excellent photographs looking back at the progress of students throughout their time at The Meadows, proving how a small seed can flourish in the right conditions. Everyone was very touched by seeing individuals achievements highlighted.At The Meadows School we are often on the receiving end of other peoples generosity but we are keen to think of others, not as fortunate as ourselves. Please see the photographs of our gifts of food on the gallery page.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 21, 2015"},{"title":"AFA Quality Lead School Presentation","content":"On Wednesday 7th October 2015 at the National Achievement For All (AFA) Conference at the Birmingham NEC, Mr Best and Miss Rothwell were presented with a certificate - in recognition of The Meadows achieving the status of \"Quality Lead School\". This is a nationally recognised Kite Mark which aims to Raise Aspirations, Access and Achievement for all while working in close partnership with parents, carers and families. The AFA programme, nationally, focuses on those with Special Educational Needs and disabilities, those in receipt of Free School Meals, Looked After Children and other vulnerable groups. The programme closely monitors the students progress and provides support to enable them to reach their potential, while working on targets agreed in collaboration with home and family situations.Mr Best, Headteacher, comments that he is very proud to receive this national recognition and thanks all the students, their families and carers, as well as the whole school staff for their commitment to this award and to The Meadows School community as a whole.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 14, 2015"},{"title":"Sixth Form links with Stoke on Trent & Leek Colleges","content":"Sixth Form staff report (with great pride) that our students are settling well into their college courses.On Tuesdays a group of students are at the Burslem Campus of Stoke on Trent College on an \"Introduction to Motor Vehicle Studies\" with others studying \"Construction\". They are eagerly prepared with their Personal Protective Equipment including Overalls and Safety Boots. Ms Syrett, Teaching Assistant, explained that they are always reluctant to pack up and return to school at the end of the day - a fantastic fault! On Fridays a different group are having an introduction to Hair & Beauty, Health & Social Care and Child Care. Hopefully exploring future careers options!Our links with the Honeycomb Course at Leek College continues - a Woodwork class encourages students to learn practical skills with the aim of making a Bird Box. They will then move onto making Garden Furniture as an Enterprise Project. A catalogue of wooden garden furniture is available from school if you would like to place an order. Prices are competitive and quality high! Please telephone for further details. Our final course involves Pottery, which helps to develop fine motor skills as well as Creativity. You never know what gifts might be coming your way!Well done on a great start to the courses!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"October 9, 2015"},{"title":"A busy September filled with activities!","content":"As the lovely September weather continues it is no coincidence that Class 6 have been spotted at Sailability at Rudyard Lake and enjoying a picnic lunch at Westport Lake.Class 9 had a memorable cruise aboard the Beatrice narrowboat on the River Churnett and Class 5 had a day out at Ballington Woods learning Bushcraft skills, collecting kindling for their campfire and toasting marshmallows once it was well alight!Mr Whewell, Mrs Prince, Ms Robinson and 12 sixth formers led a three day excursion to Edale Youth Hostel, which included climbing, canoeing, a night hike and abseiling at Millers Dale viaduct.The following week, Mr Whewell, Ms Robinson and yet another group of students were on an overnight camping expedition to Stanley Head, as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, which included walking to Stanley Head from school and back again - a fair few miles!As you will appreciate we are offering a wide ranging, enhanced curriculum with the aim of widening experiences for all of our students. I must admit at times I have a job to keep up with them all! A selection of photographs are on the gallery page. We are already planning the next events.... roll on October!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 30, 2015"},{"title":"Battlefield Tour Report","content":"Following the success of our recent Battlefield Tour please take a look at the Newsletters page for a report on the visit and how we hope to build on this experience in the future....","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 24, 2015"},{"title":"Dougie Mac Art Project","content":"Towards the end of last term, a group of pupils from The Meadows joined with a group of pupils from Springfield to take part in an art competition organised by the Douglas Macmillan Hospice. The pupils found out about the hospice before designing and creating a collage to show what they thought and felt about it. All the entries were on display at The Potteries Museum over the summer and will be taken to other places over the coming months including The Britannia Stadium. The pupils really enjoyed working together on this project and had a lot of fun (and made a lot of mess!) in the process. It is hoped that more joint projects will follow in the future. Both schools received a lovely trophy and certificate for their efforts.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 17, 2015"},{"title":"Battlefield Tour to The Somme and Belgium","content":"First World War Battlefield Tour 18-21 September 2015Two boys from Class 9 will be joining a coach load of other students from Stoke on Trent and Chester this weekend to visit the battlefields and cemeteries to honour those who gave their lives in World War I. This is part of a government scheme organised over four years between 2014-2018 and involving Secondary aged pupils from across the country. Mrs Ball and Mrs Wright will be accompanying the Meadows students.We have been researching some of the lives of the 400 plus names listed on the Nicholson War Memorial in the centre of Leek. Representatives of local Royal British Legion branches have been into school to help with the preparation for the visit. We are indebted to Mr Sheldon for the use of his book \"Roll of Honour\" which gives an insight into local men who fought in the battlefields and made the \"ultimate sacrifice\".We have discovered that a trainer from Leek Alexandra Football Club - Corporal Joseph Arthur Hulme, known as Sammy - was killed in October 1916. Lance Corporal Leigh Richmond Roose a former Stoke City goalkeeper and Welsh International, who was awarded the Military Medal for Bravery, also died in October 1916, aged 38 years.Their names are remembered on the Thiepval Memorial. We are hoping to find their names and lay tributes to them. It will be a privilege to represent The Meadows at the Menin Gate Ceremony in Ypres and lay a poppy wreath in honour of those local young people who gave their lives and never returned to their homes and families.","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 15, 2015"},{"title":"Welcome Back","content":"Welcome back to our new school year: to those students and their families who are already a part of The Meadows and an especially warm welcome to those joining us this year from other schools across the Staffordshire Moorlands, South Cheshire and Stoke on Trent areas. We hope that you settle quickly into school, build friendships and make progress in all areas of school life.We welcome Miss Gemma Jones and Miss Emma Machin as Teaching Assistants and Mrs Karen Burgess, our part time D&T Teacher.Please contact school (via our office) for any help or support which may require from your sons/daughters class teacher. We would also kindly ask that you keep us informed of any changes to personal information such as emergency contact names and numbers, medication etc...I look forward to a school year with high hopes of educational and social achievements. We shall be posting photographs and news items on our website - so be sure to keep a lookout!","author":"Rachel Gaulton","createDate":"September 10, 2015"},{"title":"New Term starts Tuesday 8th September 2015","content":"New Term starts Tuesday 8th September 2015 - we look forward to seeing all students, old and new, in school after what we hope was a lovely Summer holiday","author":"admin","createDate":"August 19, 2015"},{"title":"New Lord’s Taverners Mini Bus","content":"On Wednesday, 8th July, a new green minibus in the livery colours of the Lord's Taverners Cricketing Charity was presented to The Meadows. The presentation took place at the Hurlingham Club in London, in the presence of cricket legends including Colin Cowdry and actor Robert Powell. Ms Barbara Syrett and Mrs Joan Wright recieved the bus - one of a fleet generously donated to six special schools across the country. This is our second Lord's Taverners bus and will be in daily use in the next academic year. Look out for two bright green vehicles around North Staffordshire! - as students access the community expanding their learning and following new horizons. In the words of the Lord's Taverners whose strapline is \"Giving Young People a Sporting Chance\"... lets hope the students benefit and enjoy themselves. Sincere thanks to all who support our school \u200bso generously. Lord's Taverners we salute you!","author":"admin","createDate":"July 15, 2015"},{"title":"Meadows raises \u00a3255 for Nepal Earthquake","content":"Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to the Kuleswar Awas Secondary School in Nepal following the country's recent devastating earthquake. Mr Whewell and a group of Sixth Formers presented a cheque for \u00a3255 to the headteacher of Endon High School as students there have direct contact with the school, having both visited and hosted the school's Nepalese pupils. We have received an email back from Megh Raj who is the headteacher at the Nepal school, thanking everyone for thinking of them.... \"Everyone was very happy and want to thank those who are helping us to give life back to the school\"\u200b","author":"admin","createDate":"July 9, 2015"},{"title":"View our gallery!","content":"Consumer Challenge, 5th February at Stafford Rangers Football Club. Team members were Chloe, Will, Jarad and Abigail.It was a very close competition with only one point between the finalists.","author":"admin","createDate":"May 6, 2012"},{"title":"Mrs. Wright’s blog post","content":"Please note that prices of our uniforms have increased slightly this year in-line with manufacturing costs. This is the first price rise in several years. The uniforms are good quality and wash well so I hope that you will feel that they are still good value.\u200bA new price list can viewed under the information tab on the left hand side. ","author":"admin","createDate":"May 6, 2012"},{"title":"Welcome!","content":"Welcome to The Meadows Special School. We believe our School is a forward thinking, enterprising and exciting place to learn and work.We provide education for young people from the age of 11 to 19. We are a generic Special School meaning we provide education for young people with a range of needs. The School has particular expertise in working with pupils who have profound and multiple learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties including those with communication problems, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and complex needs, and those with moderate learning difficulties.  ","author":"admin","createDate":"May 6, 2012"}], "newsletter":[{"title":"Newsletters","content":"Summer 2015NSSSSA Annual Fishing Competition Newsletter September 2015Indoor Athletics at Fenton Manor Nov 2015Indoor Football Tournament Spring 2016Indoor Cricket Tournament Spring 2016Guide Dogs For The Blind NewsClass 10 PHSE trip to the Cottage Delight Country Kitchen Caf\u00e9 (May 2016)Class 8 Trip to The Roaches May 2016Nepal news article by Mr HarveySponsored Fun Run 23 June 2016Summer Newsletter 2016independent-travel-trainingRed Nose Day 2017Sports News June 2017Bet 365 Britannia Stadium VisitSilver Games Mark Award Achieved for the MeadowsPanto visit with surprise Royal Guests!          ","author":"admin","createDate":"June 11, 2015"}]}