Chair: Malcolm Sproat

Vice Chair: Steve Wright

LAB Committees

Committees to meet at least 4 weeks before LGB

Finance and Resources

Includes: Executive Headteacher performance management

Chris Best, Malcolm Sproat, Derek Hilyer, Steve Wright, Darryl Davies

Teaching, Learning and Outcomes

Diane Finney, Melanie Rothwell, Sue Green, Jonathan Harvey, Jeanette Jenkins, Darryl Davies, Yvonne Thirlaway, Alexandra Thomas

Well being

Includes: personal development, behaviour, safeguarding, health and safety

Diane Finney, Joan Wright, Alison Johnson, Steve Wright, Ann Alexander, Darryl Davies, Carol Jackson, Louise Smith

Named Link Governors

Safeguarding- Darryl Davies

Pupil Premium- Derek Hilyer

LAC- Darryl Davies

Health and Safety- Ann Alexander

November 2017