Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Mr Christopher Best

Executive Headteacher of The Meadows and Springfield School



Mrs Joan Wright

Head of School





Mrs Y Thirlaway

Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form Leader & Teacher, Head of Careers/Transition

Miss M Rothwell

Assistant Headteacher, Class MR Teacher, Achievement for All, Mathematics

Currently Acting Head of School

at Springfield School


Miss A Chappell

Teacher, English, PE, Pupil Premium


Mrs J Ball

Class JB Teacher, Geography, History, Music


Mrs N Butler

Class NB Teacher, ICT

Miss N Fraser

Mr J Harvey

Class JH Teacher, Science, Art

Mrs C Jackson

Complex Needs Teacher



Mr D Whewell

Sixth Form Teacher, Horticulture Leader


Mr B Pritchard

Sixth Form Teacher, MFL, PSHE Leader

Mrs A Thomas

Class AT Teacher


Mr P Nankivell

Part-time Music Therapist

​Miss S Woodward

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr A Hordern

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants




Miss B Ball


Mr J Gray                     james-gray

Mrs J Chick                     jan-chick
Mrs C Copeland         christine-copeland Mr P Davies                     Mr P Davies
Mrs P Ferns                trish-ferns Miss N Fitzpatrick         nikki-fitzpatrick
Mrs N Gardner

Currently Teacher of Class MRMrs N Gardner

Miss L Gaulton               lisa-gaulton
Mrs C Gibson           carol-gibson Miss C Gibson                claire-gibson
Mrs N Quate             nat-quate Mrs A Ball                        amanda-ball
Mrs L Hopkins         linda-howell Mrs S Ivey                        suzanne-ivey
Mrs Helen Pope       helen-pope Mrs J Prince                   jane-prince
Mrs K Ridge              katy-ridge Mrs C Rushton               clair-rushton
Mrs M Smith             marie-smtith Mrs K Smith                   karen-smith
Mrs B Syrett             barbara-syrett ​Mrs A Thomas              anna-thomas
Mrs C Williamson   corinne-williamson Miss E Machin              emma-machin
Miss G Jones            gemma-jones  Mrs K Peake                karen-peake
Miss R Leese Ms S Marsh & Mrs M Hewiness (personal welfare support assistants)
Mrs Jackie Robinson

Outdoor Education Teacher, Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator





Mrs Louise Smith

Bursar & Facilities Manager

At The Meadows/Springfield School

Miss Rachel Fryer

Finance Assistant

At The Meadows/Springfield School

Mrs Rachel Gaulton-Best

Exams Officer

Part-time (Wed,Thu,Fri)

Mrs Sharon Williams

Administrative Officer


Mrs Julie Roberts

Family Support Worker at The Meadows & Springfield School

        Mrs J Roberts
Mrs Jane Williams


​Mrs Sam Garvie



​Clerical Assistant

Part-time (Mon,Tue,Wed)



Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

 Mrs M Percy    mel-percy  




  Mrs C Cawley   cathy-cawley   Miss K Pointon    kristy-pointon
  Miss A Millward   mandy-millward



  Mrs A Malkin (Senior Cleaner)   Mrs Lovatt
  Ms Gustys   Miss Bostock
  Miss Roberts   Miss E Malkin