Snow over the Moorlands

Date: January 16, 2017 Author: Rachel Gaulton Categories: Events, Wright

A week of excitement, as snow had been predicted, and we have our very own ‘Weather Watcher’ at The Meadows . Jack is always very keen to keep us updated on the latest news from the ‘Met Office’, and is on constant alert for any new developments. Following minute by minute weather updates is a fairly new phenomenon, and unfortunately it was accurate today, as the snow fell just at that critical time..getting ready for school time!

Miss Chappell has some exciting plans for PE and Sport over the next couple of terms.

A new sport has been introduced into school this week; Table Cricket. Classes CJ, AT and NB were lucky enough to try this out and will be learning how to play over the next few weeks. Classes MR and JB are having coaching from Brandon, in Free Running. Unfortunately for Brandon he arrived just in the middle of the Fire Drill! Better luck next time.

A reminder that weekly swimming lessons will recommence on Thursday 19th January for students in Classes MR, JB, JH and AT. Please remember to bring swimming kit.

On a calmer note Mr Harvey’s class were practising their handwriting skills, with some really impressive effort. The resulting poetry was impressive. Well done.