Spring time outdoor activities

Date: April 25, 2016 Author: Rachel Gaulton Categories: Events, Wright

Jackie Robinson, Outdoor Education teacher, has had an innovative few weeks helping to bring “The Gruffalo” story to life for Class 5 students, as well as cooking camp fire lunches with a number of different classes.  Ethan in Class 8 seems to be getting on “like a house on fire” at starting his campfire. It could be a long wait for the sausages though! There are some wonderful photos of our 6th Form students. One group are having a well deserved rest on the top of Mam Tor having reached the Trig Point.  They certainly look victorious!  Emily shows the way forward with an exhibition of rock climbing that wouldn’t look out of place on “Countryfile”  Well done Emily!  The students on The Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition certainly seem to be enjoying themselves!  (See photos of all activities on the Gallery page)